August 20th, 2004


Writing Prompts

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What leads you to write at your place? What strikes your fancy and leads you to your keyboard to share it with the blogosphere? — #2, Aug.19.2004, The Thursday Threesome on the Back Porch

One cohesive topic that's over 100 words long.

That's my general rule of thumb. I have a few posts that are less than 100 words. And I also have some big huge monstrous ones that I've saved in my private scrap journal that I don't want to post. If my fingers are going 90 miles an hour, but I'm still saying nothing, I shouldn't be posting that. But I still want to write it down because sometimes, there will be a section or paragraph that I can pick out, polish off and package into something I can put here.

I like my journal entries to neatly fit into no more than 2 or 3 keyword categories and it has to be a true amalgamation, not just disjoint topics that just so happen to be in the same post (how my husband fixed the sink and a commentary on an aria that has nothing to do with him).

I look for fun things to write about, things that amuse me and interest me. For things that I just want to archive, I backdate them so they won't clutter up everyone's Friends View. Incidentally, that would be like a "Strangers Only" filter =)

I generally don't like ranting or posting angry stuff anymore. Some people write to get things out of their system, it's cathartic for them. But for me, it just makes me remember the anger and hurt all that much more clearly, for a much longer time. And the truth is, very few things upset me anymore. When you've had a really bad situation in your life resolved or at least in a state where you can move on, you realize that none of the little shit really matters. When you've scaled a mountain, you see that you can just step over the rocks.

I like looking for good writing prompts. I follow a lot of them, I read memes and surveys for good questions and I Google for it from time to time to see if someone has a new one. I don't always want to do them, but once in a while there will be a question or two that stick out.

  1. Some of the best questions I have ever seen are in dailysoulsearch. But, sadly, that seems to have been a temporary project that has now ended. The questions are still up though. I'd thought about writing to them asking about Project 1 and 2 and see if there's a Project 4 or something... but you know how the Round Tuit market is these days.
  2. Monday Madness
  3. Tuesday is Chooseday
  4. Tuesday Twosome
  5. Wednesday Whatevers
  6. Thursday Threesome
    1. fridayfiver by wait
    2. thefridayfive by leanasidhe
  7. The Daily Meme — a huge collection of dailies, every days and tons of writing prompts.

Most Disgusting Thing I've Eaten

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2. What's the most disgusting thing that you have ever eaten or even just put in your mouth? — #2, Aug.15.2004, Monday Madness

Well, I don't think it's disgusting at all, but most other people do. I have a fairly Yin constitution. I get cold easily and my organs used to be generally weak. I used to be given Cordyceps (冬蟲草) fairly regularly when I was young. It's usually prepared in chicken broth or with lean pork among other things.

This speaks to the care and love my parents showed me. If you know anything about cordyceps at all, you'll know that they are hideously expensive. $50 for a little cube of it from Chinatown and that was a medium quality.

The "disgusting" part is that these things are live worms that attach themselves to a blade of grass. They develop a fungal parasite and as they "die", they merge with the plant. When they are harvested, they still look like worms, but they have become the plant. I'm not missing any words there: they have become the plant. =)

There's one for the vegetarians to wrap their heads around. =D

To the protest of my parents, I made some for a group of friends once for a Hallowe'en party. Only the most adventurous tried it. Some couldn't even look at them =)


IQ On Fridays

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Okay. Guys? I know it's Friday. And everything. But please.


... is the Greek lowercase omega.

It is not. "A bum".