September 1st, 2004


The Avalon Dairy

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You Know You're From... When...

You Know You're From Canada When...
  • Milk comes in plastic bags as well as cartons and plastic jugs.

We used to get bagged milk. Our bag holder thing was an ugly olive green and I hated it. =P You stick the bag in the holder, snip a corner off the bag and pour. I was always fascinated watching the stream of milk coming out. It made this really cool almost helix-like pattern that looked solid. More fun yet, if you cut the bag corner in different ways, you could make the milk stream look different =D I would cut it wavy, in a zig-zag, I tried it concave and convex curved. Some did interesting things, others didn't.

My milk used to come in glass bottles as well.

My parents' house is a very short walk away from The Avalon Dairy. A few times a week, we'd walk over with our empties and get four bottles at a time. I loved staring at the different coloured caps. It used to be: red for homo (that's "homogenized milk", ai-ya... -_-), blue for 2%, silver for 1%, gold/yellow on a smaller bottle for buttermilk, brown for chocolate milk and there was a white one on a smaller bottle for something else... oh, it might have been cream. There's a green one now, but I don't know what that's for.

Avalon milk is richer and thicker than Dairyland or any of the other supermarket brands. I remember thinking the milk at userinfoHusband Guy's house tasted like water.

We watched the transition from the elder generation to the younger generation of the Crowleys. They were very nice people and infinitely patient with me, at 7 years old, learning to pay for stuff, helped me learn to count change. They'd help my Mom learn to speak English as well.

I remember being curious about the house next door to the main green warehouse building and asked who lived in that house. And Mr. Crowley Jr. said, "I live there." =)


Funny Girl, Skippy

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First of all, everybody, listen up. This is how push buttons work: it is a binomial distribution of N=2 Bernoulli trials. In other words, a button is either "PRESSED" or "NOT PRESSED".

What the hell is up with this "press the button halfway" buffoonery?


Anyway, I took pictures of all the feathers I had that had fallen off the birds, but they didn't turn out, so I need to redo them all. But I snapped a few pictures of the funny girl, userinfoSkippy =)

When I take her water cup out to clean it, she'll go over and stick her head in the cupholder looking for it. It kinda looks like a torture device that's way too big for her head =D

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Cockatiel cages usually have two sides of horizontal bars, but the front and back are vertical.

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