December 6th, 2004


Cognitive Abilities of Little Brains

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We were concerned about userinfoSid sneaking down to his tray at the bottom of his cage. Chewing on the newspapers wasn't a problem. In fact, that's a fantastic thing because it means there's finally something that he'll chew on, play with and pick at besides his own feathers. I was reluctant to do anything about his poopie tray situation because of that.

But walking around in his poop was really not cool. >X{

His cage was given to us for a small donation by the Night Owl Bird Hospital because the cage he came with was really old and not especially ideal for birds.

We were in a pet store one day gawking at the fuzzy animals and saw some bird cages. They had those grate things that separated the poopie tray from the rest of the cage. Then I noticed that it was the exact same cage that Sid had =D Whooo! We asked if we could just buy the grate piece. I was robbed at till-point for $20. But fine, whatever. It's better than $150 for a brand new cage like I thought we'd have to buy.

So now, we have that in his cage and we put a little piece of newspaper on top of the grate for him to chew on. It's just a 4"x5" rectangular piece taken out of flyers or other junk mail and we give him a new one every day or two. He chews it quite happily. Yay! =)

What's hilarious is when he's chewing on it and hears me coming, he still thinks he's in trouble. He still immediately scrambled back up the side of his cage =D I haven't reprimanded the last few times I saw him chewing the newspaper. He sort of just eyes me cautiously now. I try to walk by as quickly as I can and pretend not to notice. Otherwise, if he sees that I'm staring at him, he thinks I'm mad and climbs back up. =D =D

Funny little boy. =) He's going in for a follow-up and blood tests for his kidney and liver this weekend. Wish him luck and send him calming vibes for the abuse =D

PS: I told userinfoHusband Guy that I'm glad we kept him and I'm sorry I yelled at him about Sid, way back when.