January 5th, 2005


Winds of Change

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It was bound to happen.

Decades from now, we'll be sitting around with our new-fangled communication toy reminiscing on the good'ol days when we used to do that online blogging thing. Once in a while, someone will introduce a long lost net.friend, "she used to be on my Friends List" and the elders in the crowd will know what that means. They'll go on and on about that LJ community they were in, the big drama that went down and how many people were excommunicated. And the youngsters, like userinfoAmy and userinfoIzzy will go "HEH?!" =)

We'll still complain about spammers, trolls and the idiocy surrounding the nomenclature of the Friends List. We'll still complain about kids who talk like they were kicked in the head by a mule at birth. We'll whine to TPTB about making the new thing look, feel and work more like what LiveJournal used to do.

(= •լլıʍ ı puɐ  əuduserinfo ʇsɐəլ ʇɐ •••ɥɓnɐլ ɹəɥʇo ɥɔɐə əʞɐɯ oʇ sɓuıɥʇ ʎɟooɓ 'ʎʞəəɓ 'ʇɐəu op լլıʇs լլ,əʍ puɐ

It just plain doesn't matter. =)

[Update - 2130h]

Here. Read. *smile sweetly* I'll remind you that the LiveJournal Terms of Service now reads:

You hereby agree to this structure, and to LiveJournal.com's right to change, modify, or discontinue any type of account and/or its respective services.

What I said in my original post still applies. Yeah, I loved my e-mail distribution lists too. I thought nothing could beat the realtime talking in my IRC channels. And my newsgroups were my life at one point too. And, yet, here I sit with my [relatively] new-fangled online journal, reading the blogs and journals of friends from days gone by, exactly as I described it above.

When the next phenomenon comes around, we'll all be there too. =)