January 17th, 2005


Bedding Equipment

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It's taken this long to get to a state of non-temporary-ness with the bed. =P For once in my life, I'm starting anew with a new bed and everything, so it would be nice to have patterns that are all unified and everything matching.

I just want:

  • a bed skirt
  • two standard sized pillow cases
  • a fitted sheet
  • a comforter coverlet

I'm really not asking for a lot. This doesn't look too bad. Except, that is Too Hard™.

You wouldn't believe what a huge ordeal that was to find a plain bed skirt. To find a freaking store that even had a decent selection of them was insane. Then, the store we found them at had shelves and shelves of them that covered an entire wall. But it was hell to find one in the right size, in the right LENGTH, NO RUFFLES, NO CRAZY FOLDIE THINGS, JUST EFFING PLAIN... YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYGGGGGHHHHH.

So, fine. We find one. And we're likely not touching it again until we get a new bed another decade in the future.

Bedding Sets. The more reasonably priced ones will have the pillow cases, a fitted sheet and a flat sheet.

What the hell is a flat sheet even FOR? O_o It's not thick enough to be a blanket. And seems like too much of a pain to be for the mattress. We'd be endlessly tucking in corners. I don't get it.

I want a plain comforter and a fabric coverlet that has the pattern. I like being able to unzip it, take the comforter out and throw the coverlet in the laundry.

I can buy one of those expensive sets but those include a skirt and a comforter with the same pattern on top of pillow cases, fitted sheet, flat sheet. I'm still missing a coverlet and I'd have an extra flat sheet that I have no idea what to do with.

Fortunately, I have a Mother-in-Law That Rocks... and Sews, but she Rocks more than she Sews. =)

We got two of the cheap sets, one solid colour set and one patterned set that complements the solid colour nicely. She took the two flat sheets, cut them to the right size and sewed them together with a zipper along one side to make the coverlet.

Now we have two sets of stuff. If we're using the solid colour set, we flip the comforter over so it's solid side up. If we're using the patterned set, we make it patterned side up. Or we can even forget to and it will look fine.

*teehee* =D