February 18th, 2005


Friday Fiver - Last Time You Were Frightened

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From this week's fridayfiver: Describe the last time you were frightened.

February 19, 1999

We had wrapped up a day's worth of filming. It was late and dark out. I had just insisted on driving Amy, the director, home. I didn't want her bussing and walking home alone.

I got home at around 2100h. I parked my car facing into the garage at my parents' house. I got out and picked up an armload of files and paper (filming props) from the back seat. The garage door was still open because I don't close it before I get out of the car.

The assailant must have been parked in a dark corner, down a little ways, waiting. But I didn't see a car or person anywhere in the alley as I was coming home.

I looked up and saw a person coming around the driver side of my car towards me with a serated blade knife — the kind with the teeth on the opposite side of the blade; the same one that was lodged in the guy's skull in an x-ray photo on Trauma: Life in the ER that aired sometime just that week.

He was holding it up like he was going to stab me with it.

I saw the knife, I saw his eyes wide open. I nearly froze, but somehow I managed to run. I can't remember the sequence of events exactly, but my papers went flying in his general direction, I ran around my car to get away from him and all the while, I was yelling "NO!" repeatedly, mixing in general yelling and shrieking really loudly.

The only thing on my mind was, "noise... make noise... louder..." By the time I ran to the front passenger side of my car, I was facing the alley again in time to see him take off westbound in the alley. I heard a vehicle start and leave.

A neighbour who had heard me, came out with a baseball bat. He asked if I was alright. I told him what happened, he walked around, didn't see anyone, so he came back and told me to call 911 (which I did right away). The police (3 of them) came to my house, got a description and all the info. They all said I did exactly the right thing by making lots of noise.

It was very surreal in the days and weeks following the incident. I began to think that I hallucinated it and it didn't really happen. Because after all, there I was, safe and unscathed. But my hand print on the hood of the dusty car would bring it all back.

What frightens me most is how I very nearly just stood there and did nothing.