February 22nd, 2005


Holy Cheongsam From Shanghai, Batman!!!

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Holy CRAP!!!

The dress that I ordered, IS HERE. It was sent via UPS from Shanghai yesterday. I had it delivered to Work because I didn't want to miss the delivery guy.

When I pulled it out of the packaging, it looked way too small. I thought uh, oh shit... and I ran to the ladies' room to try it on.

Mother of GOD, am I ever TINY. O_o

It fits. Perfectly. Shoulders, sleeves, chest, waist, hips, EVERYTHING. I won't have to get it altered at all. I just need it drycleaned.

I was right, the workmanship isn't fantastic and the picture does make it look marginally better. But it's not too bad. I'm happy with it and I will definitely be wearing it to the wedding in March. It was totally worth it to me to not have to develop cortisol poisoning go shopping.

And I now have a something really nice that I can take to a qi-pao tailor to have another one custom made in the same style with different fabrics, colours and notions, if I so choose =)


10 Unique Things I Have Done

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Not that impressive, but it's a neat writing prompt...

  1. I spoke my first word at 7 months ("").
  2. I had a crush on a boy in Elementary school for 3 years and didn't tell him, didn't tell my friends, didn't tell anyone, didn't write or doodle about it... basically didn't do anything to leave evidence.
    1. I was the only girl in Grade 8 that took Shop (Woodwork, Metalwork, Drafting, Electronics) instead of Home Economics (Cooking, Sewing).
    2. I was one of two girls taking Electronics 9/10 and the only girl taking Elx. 11A.
  3. I took the SAT just so I could use the "I need to study" excuse to not do things with other kids.
  4. I was the youngest person to be added to the British Columbia Volleyball Association payroll as a Local level referee.
  5. I was accepted to the University of Waterloo and withdrew my application. I know, I know... the queue to smack me upside the head starts to my left.
  6. I have tripped over carpet fibres, a painted line in a parking lot and my own toes.
  7. I was the organizing committee chair of a very successful career fair.
  8. I worked several jobs and took a full course load at the same time, one year while I was an undergrad.
  9. I was a guest lecturer for a senior level Technical English class at the Guangdong Engineering University in Guangzhou, China where my father is alumni.
  10. I have been underworked and overpaid.
  11. I married the only guy I ever dated.
  12. I have never carried a balance on any credit card I have ever used.

Okay, so that's 10 things in Base-13. XD