March 3rd, 2005

Skippy & Sid

AFV Rejects, But Cute To Me

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I gave userinfoSkippy a drink of fresh water from her water cup one day and she started playing with it. She picked up a beakful of water and flung it around, being a little sprinkler. It was sooo cute. Of course, by the time I got the camera out and ready, she was wise to me and stopped. All I got was an outtake (1.5M AVI) for the blooper reel =P

I tried again. She started bowing multiple times (4M AVI) like she had just done something wonderful and was reacting to the applause and ovation.

And a random clip of her destroying a piece of tissue (4M AVI) while Sid watches, horrified, in the background.

userinfoSid does funny things as well. Here he is squacking like a metronome (4M AVI) to the beat of me snapping my fingers.

Birdy Transcription/Subtitle Contest

Take a look at this (4M AVI) and tell me what he's saying. =D =D =D


Job Hunt Update

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But I'm still waiting on Dev House Close By (could you all maybe aim the good thoughts a smidgeon to the right, please?). I'm mad at myself because I just found another e-mail address to submit my resumé that's slightly different from the one I originally submitted it to and this one looks more appropriate. FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA........ ={

The other two are great opportunities as well.

One is a finance company, stable and solid... which doesn't guarantee anything either. Acquisitions and mergers happen to successful, solid companies as well — Work was a case in point. This Finance Company is extending their IT department to replace their legacy systems a piece at a time. They seem very keen on hiring me because of my Developer background. I was offered a good salary to begin with, but apparently someone fought hard to get me even more because I got a call this afternoon saying they decided to offer me more to start. I would effectively get a cost-of-living raise from my last salary and that's a pretty amazing thing for them to do for me.

I feel awful about that because my choice is not based on the money.

The other place is a successful, combined consulting and product software dev house, much like Work. In fact, they recognized my name from the paper I presented at the conference two years ago.

They're looking for a QA/Jane-of-All-Trades™ which is exactly me. I'd be on contract for the first month (which is how they do probation, I guess). They have no office. The entire team works remotely, they communicate over IM, e-mail and the old telly-foon thing. This apparently has worked better for them and I'm more vocal/tenacious in electrons anyway.

That's fine with me. I can come and go as I please and I can deduct the hell out of my house when tax time rolls around. They do plan to get office space some time this fall. I'll be campaigning hard for the Yaletown area.

My first choice is still Dev House Close By. I'm so wanting to go in there and totally wow them. As I read and re-read the job description on their site, I began to get this sinking feeling that it might actually be a step back or a demotion from my QA Engineer position. The list of responsibilities looks shorter and I can't tell how technical that role is in their organization. I don't think I'm necessarily overqualified for it, there are responsibilities that I don't have much experience with (resource management, budgetting, etc.).

I've always wanted to go in the direction of Project Management. I actually had the opportunity back at Ex-Work, but I didn't take it. The best Project Managers I have ever worked with, were ones who had a strong technical background. With those role models in mind, I wanted to get Development experience under my belt in order to command the respect of my team.

Now that my professional experience has covered much of the software development process, I think it's a good time to try my hand at something less technical and more overseeing. Unless the job I want pays massively less or turns out to be not right for me, I'm taking it.

*sigh* Dev House Close By has until the end of next week to look promising. I feel terribly guilty stalling the other two already.