March 13th, 2005


Who Wears the Pants in THIS Family?!

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Ha. I could always tell who truly knew the bride and groom and who didn't. The ones who didn't know them well were the ones who would remark that the bride was the dominant one in the relationship. At first, I thought that too, but over the course of the year helping them with the wedding, I could see what the relationship dynamic was really like.

She's more vocal and articulate about things. She will justify, defend and explain their choices and decisions to others; he's content to let everyone say what they want, but just not do what he doesn't want to do. Before decisions are made though, he definitely gives his opinion. He was very involved in planning this wedding. And he does call the shots on things that he MUST HAVE HIS WAY.

This wedding had the benefit of a lot of experience. The bride had been a bridesmaid before, most of her friends have been married, so she'd seen a lot and got a lot of good advice.

We arrived early to do last minute setup work. Guest signing scroll out on the registration table, blow up balloons, flower centrepieces on the tables, favours at each place setting, decorate a few table things.

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I have pics... of my shoes... XD Collapse )

I dropped the camera, so I had to test it by taking pictures of my cute fuzzy shoes. Velour with embroidery and rhinestones, a very low 1½" or 2" heel from Payless ShoeSource at a two-for-one deal =)

This wedding actually ran ahead of schedule =D It was nice to have time to relax like that. We were just way too efficient. Everyone pitched in to clean up at the end of the night, so cleanup went incredibly fast.

I actually got home around midnight. I thought I could write it all out last night, but I couldn't. =P