March 25th, 2005


Opera 7.54u2

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I have Opera 7.54u2 Build 3929 =) I'm giving it a try because the memory hogginess of Mozilla is bothering me. The last time I tried Opera, I hated it because the navigation buttons were humongous. But there are very nice minimalist skins for Opera now. cat_irix and brokenclay_ had some very interesting things to say about it.

First blush memory usage is not that different from Mozilla. Moz peaked at 62M and Opera peaked at 70M after restarting and opening the same set of bookmarks. But I want to see what Opera is like over time, the way I use it regularly. I have caching set to '0' in Moz and I turned off caching in Opera.

I quite like Opera. It might take a little while to settle in, but I think I can give it a fair run now that the buttons are small enough. There are functionality things that are annoying though:

  • The most infuriating one is the toLocaleDateString() method for the Date Object. This method, as specified in ECMA-262 3rd Edition (§, page 124), is supposed to return "the date portion of the current date-time in the current time zone in a convenient, human-readable form that corresponds to the conventions of the host environment's current locale". It's up to the individual browser to implement something reasonable. So, document.writeln(new Date().toLocaleDateString()); right now should give me something like: "Friday, March 25, 2005".

    But Opera's implementation gives me "3/25/2005". >K{ And I find that Opera has some very unexpected interpretations of HTML and CSS sometimes...

  • I can't make custom keywords like Mozilla. They have search bars for Google, Google News, Google Groups, (but no Google Images which is the second most frequent one I use), Amazon, Ebay, a dictionary (but I want Merriam-Webster Online), several translation ones (but no Chinese!!) and I end up removing them all.

    Edit C:\Documents and Settings\[LOCALUSER]\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\search.ini to change them. w00t!! =)

  • Hitting ESC doesn't stop animated GIFs. => Adding "Enable GIF animation" box to a toolbar works, but takes up a lot of toolbar space. I might be able to map something to it in Preferences->Mouse and Keyboard.

  • No bookmark groups... they're just folders, like Firefox. At least, the option to Open All is in the same place at the top each time.

  • I can't bookmark all the pages I currently have open. I have to add them one by one. This annoys me because it's CTRL-T to set a bookmark instead of CTRL-D. I have small hands and CTRL-T is a bigger stretch. And unlike CTRL-D which just dumps the link to a default location, CTRL-T will bring up a dialogue that lets you add the link to a specific location. So, instead of add-add-add-add-add-add, open bookmarks, drag them all into my folder, I have to go through the complete adding procedure n times.

  • No custom ordering of bookmarks. It's alphabetical and it won't let me change it. It seems to remember the order if I add them manually from scratch. But if I import my Mozilla bookmarks, the order can be slightly off and there's no way for me to change it.

    View->Sort by my order. And rearrange.

  • I can't block images from a certain server with just the vanilla install. Mozilla lets me right-click->Block images from this server. Firefox was even nicer. It says "Block images from ________" and it gave me the name of the location, so I didn't have to right-click and go to Properties to see it first. => There is the Show Images menu... but that's not really what I wanted.

  • Customized blocking of cookies is confusing. I like the Mozilla UI much better. Select the cookie in the list, select "Do not allow this site to set future cookies" and click "Remove".

  • Google Ad bar. >K{ But that's ignorable. At least it's just text and not dancie images that I'll feel like killing. And you can make it context sensitive to grab ads that are relevant to whatever you're viewing.