April 12th, 2005


Brake Question

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We're scheduling the TSX in for maintenance soon, but you guys would probably be quicker.

I step on the brakes and the car stops — wow, do I have a mind-blowing, tremendous understanding of motor vehicles or what?

Anyway, shortly after I'm fully stopped, the brake pedal sinks a little under my foot. But I don't have a problem stopping. I can brake hard and it's still fine...

Not that I do that...     <_<         >_>     often...

What's up with the brakes? Should I be worried?

And, as luck would have it, this doesn't happen when userinfoHusband Guy drives. He says he's never felt that before. I used to get this all the time with Champagne and it was more severe with hers, but I'd had the brakes looked at and nothing was ever wrong. I thought I felt it with the Knight Ridah too, although it's been so long, I could be hallucinating it.

Oh, I guess I didn't write that I've already sold Champagne. I sold her the weekend I was laid off... that's probably why I didn't say anything. I was too down about Work and Life that talking about selling My Girl™ would have been too much.

[Update - Wednesday, May 11, 2005]

It was the master cylinder.

Acura ordered a new one from Japan and replaced it at no charge for the part or labour. But as I was leaving the Service lot, I noticed the brakes were really really soft. So, I parked it again and went back inside to let them know. The brake fluid was bled and replaced properly, but they thought there might be air trapped still. So, they kept The Car Girl another day and had a staff member give me a ride home that evening.

I picked it up again the next day. They were very apologetic and said they bled the whole thing again, but no air came out, so they weren't sure what it was. They didn't charge us for it. This is something I dislike about Acura's service. Things don't always feel right after they're fixed or changed. The staff has done everything right, nothing is ever wrong, they're always very very nice to me, they apologize, etc., etc. But there's always still something not quite right. And there's nothing I can do about it because they're doing everything they can.

The brakes are stiffer and are fine now, but they still don't feel the same. They don't grab as well as they used to. They're fuzzier than before. *sigh* Straight from the factory, Acuras are wonderful wonderful cars. As soon as you get anything replaced though, it feels like a totally different car. I can even feel the difference after they replace an O2 sensor. I must have a True Princess Butt™ or something. =P