April 18th, 2005



weather: sunny
outside: 10.4°C
mood: elated
Work is totally on fire today! This is the most fun I've had here, EVAR!!! RRAAAAAAAA!!!! =D

We had a fire in the live, production environment and it was a SHOWSTOPPER FROM HELL. Big Customer™ was broken. And, of course, we couldn't repro the problem in any of our environments. Not Dev, not QA Test, not Pilot Test. It only happens in Production. Ooooooof CCCOOOUUURRRSSSEEE. XD

Over in the QA Test environment, the Windoes apps are not installing right which is a huge showstopper as well. It hoops up the registry... and we all know that Windoes registry issues are Loads'o Fun™. To find and to fix. =\

And the Universe is collapsing in on us. Okay, only one data thingie is disappearing slowly in a really bizarre way. It was prompting all kinds of wise-cracks about ST:TNG "Remember Me" when that warp bubble was closing in on Beverley Crusher making people around her disappear one by one. It's also kinda like that Stephen King story about something eating up the Universe. It really did that too! It would slowly shrink and shrink and shrink until it turned into nothing.

There's something very satisfying about hitting the "Submit" button on the bug report of a Red Alert like that, walk over to the Developer's desk and from a little ways away, seeing them already frowning in intense concentration at your bug. XD XD

Considering I had a stressy, intense evening and I couldn't fall asleep until well after 4am, this was one of the best Mondays I've ever had.