May 11th, 2005


OMG! Wash Your Hands!

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outside: 17.1°C
mood: disgusted
I've heard of guys not washing their hands after using the washroom, but today... >K{

There was a lady in one of the stalls as I was walking into the washroom. She wasn't a co-worker, just someone who worked in one of the other office suites on the same floor. I know my co-workers' feet and I didn't recognize hers.

She's peeing and finishes up as I'm sitting down.

She beelines towards the door, completely bypassing the sink.


I get out and WASH MY HANDS. Hospital Rules. Every knuckle. Up to my elbows. With extra soap. And rinse extra long. With the tap turned all the way to the hot side for extra disinfecting. And scrub my hands with paper towel extra hard, just to be sure. Then, I grabbed a wad of paper towels with me to protect me from the two door handles that she would have touched.