May 21st, 2005

Skippy & Sid

Kiss, Kiss

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userinfoSkippy will walk over and kiss me on the lips if I make fish faces at her. It's just a quick peck or two before she's distracted and runs off again. She's like a magpie with shiny things =)

userinfoSid likes faces better than hands anyway. If I make a kissy face at him, he'll run over and lean his face really close to mine... to within about an inch. But something about him makes me uncertain as to whether he'll give me a kiss or tear my lip off.

And cockatiel breath smells nutty. It's really cute. =)


Baaaaaby Things

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Putting a copy of these in my own journal for archiving:

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It's a White Eyed Vireo hatchling that I found here.

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Look at his fat little knees and clubby feet!! =D =D Here's the update article from last week: Yukon ready to take a Chance.

I'm glad there's a requirement in baaaaabyanimals to say what animal you're posting. This way, I can skip the kitten, puppy and bunny posts. Uncommon animal babies are so much cuter, especially animals that I've never heard of before. =)