June 9th, 2005


Certain Names

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mood: curious
I've noticed some bizarre trends in Anglo-Saxon/Anglo-Norman/Latin-based/mostly European first names. A certain few names are much more frequently associated with people I find annoying, stupid, a waste of oxygen, slimey, pretentious, little shit, etc. And it's not my prejudice either. I'm only talking about the ones where I find out their name after I see how they behave, what they say/do and form an opinion of them. It's beginning to give me that little drag-my-feet-across-the-carpet-and-touch-a-door-knob shock feeling every time.

It's bad enough that I'm thinking about consciously making it a personal goal to set out to find and meet a good-hearted person with the same name just to dispell the name-to-asshole association.

Does anyone else notice this? It's probably the case that everyone finds a different set of names associated with people they like/dislike.

Please don't name specific names. I really don't want the name-to-asshole association pre-planted in my head... as curious as I am *bite lip* >KB =)