June 29th, 2005


Harddrive Death

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Harddrive failure is imminent. Must back up stuff. It might already be too late, but we'll see.

I have all my music and data (installers for various tools and apps, license keys, LJ backups, miscellaneous web work) in one gob, so I just copied everything to a share on userinfoHusband Guy's machine last night while I still could.

For the things that kinda live all over the place, I have:

  • Master password file (password protected file of all my passwords, snail mail addresses for important people, etc.)
  • /etc/hosts (blocked sites)
  • Mozilla bookmarks
  • Mozilla hostperm.1 (blocked cookie, blocked image, etc. sites)
  • Mozilla Mail settings (home e-mail account, bride@shaw.ca)
  • IE Favorites (I haven't touched IE in a long time, but just in case)
  • Semagic registry keys (macros, settings, window and panel docking positions, etc)
  • IM contacts and conversation logs
  • puTTY sessions and settings (registry keys)
  • FTP sites, usernames and passwords
  • Wallpapers that are placed in C:\WinNT as BMPs — *phew* I'd forgotten about these, but I managed to get it booted up and working long enough for me to get them out.
  • Custom edits to XML icon def files for a Trillian 3 Pro skin to support Invisible Mode in AIM.

I don't have soft copies of e-mail addresses and contact info. I won't use address book software, it's too easy for viruses to plow through and spam each and every record. I either remember them or I'd know how to find them.

I have several options now.

  1. Not replace my machine at all. We could just merge the best of the hardware from the Husband's and my machines and share from now on. He's usually on my Brother-In-Law's desktop playing WoW anyway. This would be the cheapest choice.

  2. Spend a few hundred dollars to get a new harddrive and then it would be business as usual.

  3. Get a skookum new laptop and give the monitor to my parents. It's much bigger than their current one.

I'm leaning towards C.


Learning Something

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For everyone who said they wanted "to learn something" from me (or some variant thereof), I offer this random bit:

zoethe*'s username is pronounced "ZOH-eth"... long 'o', short 'e', soft 'th'.

It is NOT pronounced like the German poet, novelist, playwright and scientist who got a few things dead wrong, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe — ['gø tə] which is something like "GER-tuh".

It is a sight rhyme only.

I asked. =)

* Gini, law student, "increasingly radical pagan chyk" and quite an interesting read.