July 7th, 2005



weather: mostlyly sunny
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mood: sad

Co-worker's siblings in London are okay. Everyone in our UK office is accounted for, except the one guy's girlfriend. We're hoping she just can't answer her cell because it's a total gong show over there right now.

Hope everyone's safe.


Deodorant/Anti-perspirant/Pit Sticks

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It's funny that I'm the one who usually gets the userinfoHusband Guy his anti-perspirant. As much as I hate shopping, he hates shopping even more. So, for the past who knows how long, I've been getting him Gillette Clear Gel (Arctic Ice and Cool Wave, once). I think I got him Right Guard once or twice... and centuries ago, I got him Men's Speed Stick, just the generic "Scented" one with the blue cap.

I'm usually good about having one unopened backup ready for him when he runs out, but I guess I've been slacking. Minus 100 Wife Points for me. And there must be a 20X multiplier on that for having a gaffe like this land on our anniversary. Anyway, this morning, he completely ran out. He was a bit self-conscious about being smelly, so he looks over at mine. I told him to go ahead if he wanted to use mine. But it was so funny watching him. He gingerly picks it up, opens it and sniffs it like we really should be calling a Hazmat team or something.

"ACK!! It smells so girlie!" he exclaims.

It was either smell like an ape or smell like a girl. I've never seen him so conflicted. I laughed at him and tried to goad him into using it.

"Are you secure enough in your masculinity to wear a woman's deodorant?" XD

He wasn't. It's Soft & Dri, Kissed Peach. It's peach! I can understand men not wanting to smell like a flower, but peaches are fruit and, thus, gender neutral, aren't they? Oh well.

I promised to get some pit juice on my way home in the evening. I decided to get him AXE For Men — one Touch, which I like better, and one Phoenix. I'm a bit baffled as to how a MEN'S product gets a name like "Phoenix" and still sells, though... I guess in the West, the phoenix is not associated with the feminine element. Right, anyway, I liked those two the best out of the three they had on the shelf (Tsunami was the other one, but I thought it was kinda icky). He claims that I hate the AXE commercials because they're dumb. I remember the commercials he described, but I honestly didn't associate them with this brand. That's why I got them... *shrug*

But just so I know, I'd like to put the question to all of you:

What brand deodorant/anti-perspirant and what scent do you use?

Ladies too, I wouldn't mind getting some recommendations to try. I'll keep this list and pick out something new for him once in a while =)