July 10th, 2005

Null Pointer

The Only Person I Amuse Is Myself

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"POST MORE PICTURES", says userinfoMy Peanut Gallery. And _I_ was supposed to twist _his_ arm to write more =D =D

Okay, here goes. I'll warn you first. I suck at photography. I have no eye for it. I see beautiful little vignettes everywhere I go, but the picture that I try to capture of it doesn't even look like it's from the same parallel universe. It looks nothing like what I'm seeing. I'm beginning to wonder if it really is just that my picture taking skills are that crappy or if there's something fundamentally whacked about how I view the world that's that far off from reality...

The book I wanted wasn't available at the library close to my house, so I had to get it at another branch close to Work. I'd never been to this branch before, but thanks to Collapse ) I had no problems finding it at all. We have the Telepathic Option, none of this low tech Voice Recognition™ crap for us. Didn't cost us a dime either. =)

A. Ny. Hoo.

I had some time to kill yesterday, so I wandered into A Gift Shop. That was probably one of the most dangerous things I could have done. I escaped relatively unscathed for the incredible risk I took going in there. But among the injuries sustained (aside from the dent in the wallet) include:

Collapse )

I thought to myself, "easter would go bananas over this." userinfoDaae, let me know if you want one, I'm planning to go back anyway and get more for a few little girls I know who would like them =)

Collapse )

You don't look impressed. Alright fine. Then how'bout this.

Bumblebee Porn

Collapse ) and one 13 second, 4M AVI, uncut, raw footage.

I now rise (fall?) to the ranks of the bona fide Bumblebee Porn Producers =) I went out to get some fresh air today, which is a novel thing for me, but that's a whole other post that I'll write up later. On my way, I saw a HUGE fuzzy bumblebee fly across my path. It seemed to land on the leaf of a bush. As I got closer, I realized there were actually TWO of them. And *cough* they were *ahem* going at it in broad daylight *blush*.

So I filmed them. XD XD

No respect. None at all. Hey, they skipped over me when they were handing out the Nice Girl™ badges anyway. So there.


A Little Perspective

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I live in Beautiful British Columbia. When it's not raining, it's gorgeous. It was very sunny out this afternoon, 17°C.

I live in a lovely neighbourhood where everyone's yards are very well kept. In fact, if your yard isn't well kempt, your neighbours can report you and you can be fined CAD$300. You're not required to have award winning rose bushes in a publication-worthy yard designed by a world class landscape architect or anything. <bragbragbrag>Although, our house was chosen for the front cover of an HSBC mortgage pamphlet, many years ago</bragbragbrag> =)

They just want your lawn to be mowed reasonably regularly and be reasonably free of dandelions, overgrown grass, weeds, newspapers and flyers to be picked up, no rusted, beat up 1965 Buick Skylark shells resting on cinder blocks on the front lawn, etc.

Everyone's hedges are always neatly trimmed. All kinds of flowering plants accent everyone's yards. No one has fences though, we're not Fence People™ here. Lawns are carpetted with the nicest types of natural turf available, watered and vibrantly green. And of course, they're weedless, spotless, nicely manicured at the edges. There are golf courses less well maintained than some of these yards.

Because there are large aged trees, at dawn and twilight, you can hear the conglomerating of at least 5 different species of small to medium birds.

It's quiet, but in a peaceful way, not in a spooky, "no one can hear you scream" kind of way. People come out jogging with their iPods, Photos, Minis and Shuffles in their ears with the tell-tale white earphone cords. People walk their dogs. People walk around with family and friends.

... And I'm thinking of buying a treadmill?!?!?!!

So, I was determined to go out and enjoy some of this. If we do move, who knows where we'll be and who knows what the neighbourhood will be like? I thought I'd take advantage of it while I could.

Gads, relaxing is SUCH A HASSLE. I can see why I don't want to relax too often. =P I went out with:

  • a broad-rimmed straw hat that's pretty cute except for the crazy flowers
  • SPF 30 sunscreen (moisturizing, anti-aging formula with alpha or beta-hydroxy complex or some such, light enough for everyday wear... yeh, I've gotten to that stage in life now...)
  • my camera... I'm so so so glad I put in a new battery and brought my camera. *snicker*
  • my book (see below)
  • bottle of water
  • my cell

I walked over to a park about three minutes away with my stuff in tow. After filming the bees, I continued on my way and focussed on trying to relax and enjoy being out in the fresh air. In that state of focus, I started to notice that I walked just a tad heavier on my right side. I switched my bag of stuff from one hand to the other to see if that was it.

Nope. It's definitely my back. *sigh*

It became even more noticeable as soon as I stepped onto the grass from the pavement. I was wearing little pokey heeled slippers and they were sinking in as I was walking. My left heel didn't sink into the grass as often as my right foot. I had to consciously even out my steps all the way.

I settled on a bench to read for two hours. The trees were making a light shushing sound with a breeze going through the leaves. I shifted a bazillion times on the bench, crossing my legs, uncrossing them, folding one under the other, switching sides. =)

I'm on Book 3: The Amber Spyglass of Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials. I'm still plodding my way through it, but for now, I will say this: every coin has two sides; every story has [at least] two sides. The Bible, the Gospel, the Old Testament, the New Testament are such stories.

And we would all do well to remember that.