July 22nd, 2005


New Laptop & Accessories

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mood: cheerful
I'm looking for a stylin' bag for my new laptop — no big whoopie, it's just a laptop (Dell Inspiron 600m) with the regular bells and whistles. I didn't want a regular laptop bag. See, I have that urge to be a unique individual, just like everyone else.

But I didn't want to spend $100+ on a designer one. The ones I've seen are nothing special to be spending $100+ on and they just look like regular totes.

There's a sweet little old Italian guy who runs a handbag store/kiosk at a small shopping centre. It's just around the corner from the food court where the </a></b></a> and I usually have lunch. And it's not really a proper retail unit either, it's actually just a bunch of shelving along a wall in a corridor. He has all kinds of cool purses and bags that are in the $30-50 range. I took a measuring tape with me today and picked out a dark beige? light tan? hazelnut latte coloured pseudo-designer tote style handbag that looked big enough and sturdy enough.

I didn't have the laptop with me so I wasn't sure if it will actually work out right. He's letting me take it home to try tonight and he'll give me a full refund either tomorrow or on Monday if it doesn't fit. He has a really nice black Prada-esque one that I also really liked, but I'm trying to resist black. I gravitate towards black way too easily. I can't help it. Black is so classic and elegant and easy to match. But I've been told I wear too much black, grey and look too morbid. So, I'm trying to take up the advice and add colour to my stuff. Colourcolourcolourcolour, says My Personal Appearance Advisory Committee™ (a.k.a. random people who tell me I look like a dweeb).

So, the Hazelnut Latte tote doesn't work. It's just A HAIR too small, which is really unfortunate because it looks really good and it's not black... okay, and there was a really cute little butterfly taggie on one of the straps which was a significant part of the reason I wanted it. =D Maybe this is why I have problems shopping.

Anyway, I'll try the Prada-esque bag the next time I go back. And if that doesn't work either, I'm tempted to buy a smaller, regular use purse from him for being so nice and letting me return stuff ad nauseum despite his No Refunds policy. But we'll see.

I'll be bringing the laptop to the various FatPort locations. It's available in funky little coffee shops all over downtown Vancouver including some near ex-Work, which I'm missing dearly at the moment. =\