August 4th, 2005



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Yup, I've found a new distraction. Book, book, book, bookie-bookie-book. And it's free. Hey, free is good. =)

So, I'm finally being more random about what I read. I'm always taking recommendations here. And I have a link to this post in my sidebar so anyone can toss me a title whenever. I still have to compile a few titles I got from some people over IM... =)

It's mostly in the Kid Lit That I Missed Out On Because I Read Nothing But Star Trek Novels Back Then genre. I did make a small foray into the AD&D (one Ravenloft and a failed attempt at a Dragonlance) books for a bit.

I haven't decided what to do with my book reviews. I'd like to make some mention of them, just as a time marker and a matter of record but I don't want to spam everyone. I'll post some, but I may set them to not appear in peoples' Friends lists. If anyone's really interested, there's always a list of all my tags on my main journal view.

This is one section of my public library online account:

     Number of free requests: 50
     Free requests remaining: 50
     Requested items ready for pick up: 0
     Requested items not yet available: 2

!! ... Uh, okay, this thing has synchronization issues. I just requested another item and it's now displaying 48 remaining with 3 requests. *sigh* I don't mean to be testing everybody else's software while I'm at work, but... it's just... so loopy... >K{ Maybe they're so thrilled that anyone even uses the bloody thing that they don't care how many you request. 50 items in Library terms is virtually unlimited anyway.

So, yeah. It takes a public library with several branches near my home and en route to and from Work, open until 9pm, having an online circulation portal that lets me request books to be delivered to a branch of my choice then e-mail notification sent to me, to get me back into librarying again. I pay enough taxes, this is the least they can do.

The organic food store next door to the library was an added bonus =) I'd never been inside, so I wandered in. I saw a box of Baby Bars (now discontinued) from the Endangered Species Chocolate Company and I couldn't resist getting the baaaaaby Stelmaria (snow leopard). =) userinfoHusband Guy is going to give me hell for buying shit just for the wrapper/box/container again...