August 20th, 2005


New Police Story, Sin City

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New Police Story ()

I have to see it again in Cantonese on my own. I watched it with the userinfoHusband Guy and my Mother-In-Law, so they turned it to Mandarin.

Jackie Chan is getting old. It becomes more and more apparent with each new film of his.

I liked the first half better than the second half. It unravelled a little too quickly and easily. The flashback/denouement at the end was kinda cool.

The outtake shots weren't as amazing as they used to be either, but they were also dubbed into Mandarin, so it was a bit duh to begin with. I'm pretty sure they'd be funnier in Cantonese. There were a larger portion of funny line flubs instead of stunts gone wrong in funny or amazing ways.

Apparently, they keep little portable card tables available on the roof of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre just in case you find yourself challenged to a sudden death firearms speed assembly showdown. XD

"Showtime" sounds really lame in Chinese. It took me a bit to react to Joe chucking up his thumb and saying "time to perform!" *urgh* >K{

Sin City ()

It's like watching a comic book. Ech.