August 25th, 2005


Here we go again...

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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is in the midst of a labour dispute right now with one of its unions. CBC wants to be able to use more contract workers, the union won't let them.

I only listen to CBC Radio-2. How sad is it that I actually like it better now that the hosts and regular programming are gone? They're random'ing through their classical music selection and it's playing all the stuff I adore, non-stop, no talking whatsoever and no crazy non-classical garbage that they sometimes play. The hourly news is being done by managers and it's not too bad. They aren't stumbling any more than the regular anchors were.

Telus is in a labour dispute with the Telecommunications Workers Union.

Teck Cominco is shut down from a labour dispute.

BC Ferry workers are threatening job action in September if the new payroll system keeps fucking up everyone's pay (from shorting people hundreds of dollars to not issuing a paycheque at all). It's been screwy for months, I hear.

Vancouver Port truckers are striking because of the lack of compensation for the rising fuel prices.

The BC Teachers' Federation is on the verge of a strike vote. Like, when the hell are school teachers NOT on strike around here?

All we need now is BC Transit workers, the nurses and the longshoremen, all the CUPE and COPE locals to call it and we'd have complete anarchy.