September 5th, 2005


Hurricane Katrina

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I wasn't going to say anything about Hurricane Katrina at all. We have family missing down there and I can't concentrate on the noise around any of it. I've just been posting some pre-written stuff and a comment here or there, these past few days for a distraction.

I'm looking through:

Submitted a search request for them here:

Any other good lists from reputable agencies I should be looking at? Any better ways to find them? I'm all ears.

It feels too hopeless to be going through the I'm-OK/Where-Are-You boards and I really don't want to post personal info in public.

We have reason to believe they're right near the disaster area, close to New Orleans International, so I don't know if they'd even be able to get online if they knew to do that. I really do hope the family is wrong that they're still in there. I hope they all packed up beforehand and took off to his sister's in California... without his cell... and we're just losers for not being able to find his sister's phone number.

And this is me NOT thinking about the wild ass rumours that a Taiwanese couple, who ran a local business there, were gunned down. Really.

[Update - Monday, September 6, 2005 - 0840h]

We found them!!

They've been in Texas the whole time. All four of them are okay.

I guess their cell provider doesn't have roaming coverage =P That's what made us think they were stuck in the disaster area. And text messaging would not have worked during the time that there was no power to the base/relay stations and towers. If they were out, we were assuming we'd get them on a roaming network.

What gets me is that they're back home now O_o I wasn't the one that talked to them this morning, so I couldn't ask what the hell they're doing going back there though...

The roof of their house is a bit torn up, but everything else is okay. No one went through their house or anything. Their store is probably in some undetermined state of shambles, but whatever. They're safe =)