September 10th, 2005


Regional Accents

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"What type of accent do you have?"

Unless you're a mute, everyone speaks with an accent whether they realize it or not. If you don't think you speak with an accent, answer this question by describing:

  • where you're from
  • where you grew up
  • what language your parents/guardians spoke
  • where you lived that you think influenced you the most

That will help pinpoint your regional accent.

Because you're my friends, I love you all, I don't want any of you to sound like the uneducated clods I came across who were totally unaware that they were not the centre of the universe and shat something out their keyboards that looked vaguely like "I have no accent".

That's why.


Wanna See Something Cool?

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We had a box of random householdie stuff sitting outside on the back patio/deck for years. We'd known that bees had made a hive in it because we saw a lot of bees flying in and out of a little hole where the flaps met. It's been abandoned for a while now and this summer, my Mother-In-Law decided to clean up the deck to get it re-stained.

We finally opened that box in July and took pictures. They're in the Wasp Hive Gallery.

The hive was all over the box flaps and wedged in between the stuff inside. It was wrapped around the handle of a bottle of Windex.

It felt like it was made out of coarse, but delicate tissue paper. Delicate enough that I though it would melt from the heat of my hands. The chambers are made in haphazard circular blobs that are built up in layers, far from the perfect hexagonal honeycomb pattern that we most popularly associate with beehives. It was cool to see the layers of white to brown and all the different shades in between.

We didn't slice it open to look at a cross-section.

They were going to throw it away, but I thought it would be nice to give it to one of the local elementary schools so that the kids could see it. We haven't had the time to deliver it to the school yet. They're only open between 9am - 3pm. I'd either have to take time off to do it or get my Mother-In-Law to.


So, now that I Googled for pictures, this is probably a wasp hive. I just saw yellow and black striped things, so I called that "a bee", but I don't know my insects without Google =} That might make more sense, but it's funnier to think that the bees were just baked or high on crystal meth. Hey, this IS Vancouver, there could be a grow op or lab in a neighbourhood near you.

I'm also imagining this stupid conversation:

Drones: *chewchewchew* *spit* *buildbuildbuild*
One drone, the big one named "Moose" [to the others]: "Duh, hey guys? Aren't we supposed to be doing hexagons?"
Queen: "SCREW the hexagons! Winter is coming! Hurry UP!"