September 20th, 2005



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Because they're not hard and they need to be done:

  •   Write thank you letter to Uncle Jimmy for giving me a whole pile of 1992-94 Star Trek magazines in EXCELLENT condition... I haven't seen him in years and he still remembers my geekiness. =O

  •   Write letter to the principal of the elementary school to accompany the yellowjacket wasp hive.

  •   Read my book before it's due back at the library. There's a spoiler right in the first few pages. If this book lives up to its awards, that's an incredible mark of confidence for an author to do. Must. Read. On.

For the Vacation 2005 Trip:


South Africa:

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    I'm not good at figuring out clothing issues to begin with, but this just keeps getting harder and harder. =P

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Re: Inviting ourselves to the wedding - I'm still not totally happy with what I did, but to be fair, we talked to userinfoHusband Guy's Cousin Girl herself. After she squealed "OF COURSE YOU GUYS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND!!!" at me and proceeded to not let me answer or get a word in edgewise (okay, she might have let me thank her once), she started going on and on and on and ON AND ON AND ON about flight schedules, airlines, air fare, all the logistics and tour bookings around Cape Town. =}

And I've made an effort to find out how much we should give them for their red envelope. Now I don't know if we should give them TWD or ZAR.



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From: Me
To: J & P Liu
(ed. me cousins)
Subject: Hurricane Ophelia

Hey you two, =)

I hope the fact that you're in Charlotte and a lot further inland means you guys are okay... I think I'd be going out of my mind if you guys were in Wilmington or something =O

All the same, drop me a line =)

-- J.

From: Jess
To: Me
Subject: Re: Hurricane Ophelia

We're OK since we did not go to the beaches last week, Ophelia is scared away from Carolina coast now.

Thanks for helping to scare Ophelia away ...

J & P

Jess has always been a nutbar. Love her to bits. XD I'm kinda surprised that she didn't tell me she purposely did go to the beach to try to scare away Ophelia...