October 14th, 2005



weather: light showers
outside: 11.3°C
mood: aaaw...
It's always so cute when small animals accidentally wander into a mall. =)

I saw a squirrel at Oakridge once when I was in highschool. You feel really bad for the poor little buggers. They're all scared and confused. The trees, grass and the outside-ness just suddenly vanish. They're surrounded by a lot of cold, hard, flat surfaces and lots of big smelly two-legged animals lumbering around all over the place.

Photo by Davide Troise
Yesterday, I saw a little brown sparrow bopping around the indoor fountain at Pacific Centre Mall on my lunch hour. It must have followed someone in through a door or came in when one of the service crew held something open too long.

It was really adorable =)