October 30th, 2005


Running the Social Gauntlet

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Thanks for all the Hippo Birdies! =)

Work got me a humongous sheet of mocha cake on Friday. Thank you, Work! =) Everyone gets cake for their birthday. The most hilarious thing at Work is that the Birthday Person has to cut and serve the cake =D I think that "tradition" started because the Birthday Person usually makes the first cut, then hands it over to someone else who finishes the job. But someone went full-steam ahead with it and the rest of us were not going to argue with a person wielding a big knife.

Anyway, someone mentions candles and I gave the standard, "that would be a fire hazard because I'd have too many candles". And I'm within earshot of a jab about "these twenty-somethings always make it a big deal". =)

They think I'm twenty-something. HAHA! I haven't been a twenty-something in a looooong time XD

I didn't do too badly at cutting cake even though I hadn't done it too many times before Friday. I'm not really a cake person, but I discovered I'm a real cake cutting snob. =D Because I'm sure you people want to hear about my neuroses:

On the rectangular sheet cake, I cut down the middle, then split each half into quarters, then each quarter into twelfths. And I did the same in the other dimension. I have an unfounded neurotic need for every single piece to be perfectly the same size.

On a round cake, I'm even worse. =) I abhor long skinny wedges. Assuming a 9" round, I'll cut a circle in the middle of the cake (half radius or a little less than half radius works best). Then cut the outer ring into 8 pieces and the inner circle into quarters for 12 nice evenly proportioned chunks.

But. Birthday. Me. Yes.

It was a four-day social gauntlet. >K}

The Mother-in-Law Woman brought us and the Brother-in-Law out Thursday night because the Brother-in-Law was going to be out of town this weekend. I got cake from Work on Friday. My parents took me out for lunch Saturday. And userinfoHusband Guy and I went out tonight.

He and I were joking earlier this week that because we went to the most expensive restaurant on the planet last year, we have to watch our budget and balance it out. This year, I get a small cup of fries. Bought with a coupon. For dessert, he's taking me to Baskin-Robbins at the mall for a free taster spoon. I get to pick the flavour (how magnanimous is that?). XD

Just kidding. I got an e-mail invite from OpenTable.com saying that I would be "picked up at 7:15pm" by toturi. ... Haha, yeah, he's going to toddle upstairs and yell at me to get going =D

We went to West. It used to be spelled "Ouest", pronounced "West". But people kept either thinking it was "Quest" or because of the name, they expected French cuisine, which, if you look at their menu, is only slightly French inspired. They Anglicized the spelling three years ago because the French caused way too much stress. I understand the decision, but I thought "Ouest" was more interesting... "West" is all normal and boring. =P

The Husband started with a nice cheesy pumpkin soup and I, a fantastic artichoke heart stuffed with foie gras. He got the baked Queen Charlotte halibut. It had really great butternut squash in it! I saw rabbit on the menu and I had to try it. It was very very good — sort of like a chicken-flavoured ham — with a pine nut risotto on the side. And we shared the fully loaded, severely stacked pumpkin tart.