November 7th, 2005


Moving Bedrooms

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We're slowly moving over to userinfothe Husband's grandparents' suite. Our bed was moved over this last weekend and we've been sleeping in there since. The idea is to be fully moved over before we leave this Thursday so that the Brother-in-Law can put his current bed into our room and his new bed can then be delivered into his room while we're on vacation.

We've done bathroom stuff, although I'm still going to have to shower in the old bathroom until we can get a large enough drain blockie thingie for the shower drain. I think I'm almost done with the clothes. Some of Grandma and Grandpa's stuff is still in there, so we're swapping things in and out as we go.

I'm taking a mental health break.

Most of the work has been taking stuff out, cleaning everything off and repacking it all away in another location. I've been running the vacuum cleaner nonstop all day. And the more I move and clean, the more shit keeps warping into this parallel universe from all the other parallel universes through the closet.

I seriously don't get it. We're moving into something that is easily three times larger than our old bedroom. I don't understand how our stuff isn't fitting in the new suite. userinfoHusband Guy says, "it's because our old room was denser... or it's been tarred and gzipped." BWAHAHA!! XD

The Brother-in-Law may just have to move his bed over and sleep a few nights with some of our stuff still in here. I don't know if I can get this all done, and get what I originally took time off Work to do, and run around for last minute travel supplies, and pack.