November 27th, 2005



weather: cloudy
outside: 3.7°C
mood: exhausted
I'm home.

I've been home since about 0900h, but I'm just sitting down after cleaning the birds' cages, spending some time with them and organizing some of the gifts/deliveries from our lootcases.

I've had quite enough of long haul flights for a while. 12 hours from Vancouver to Taipei; 5 hours from Taipei to Singapore; 8 hour layover; 12 hours from Singapore to Cape Town with a 2 hour stop in Johannesburg; 10 hours from Cape Town to Singapore; 2 hours until connecting flight; 4 hours from Singapore to Taipei; 10 hours from Taipei to Vancouver =\

It didn't occur to me before I left, but... I have family... in South Africa now... and this is one of the most amazing concepts I've gotten to wrap my head around. They are a very sweet bunch, very similar to us and our family, but yet, different.

Need to run out and get stuff before I can even come home and shower and do more unpacking. =P