December 14th, 2005


Company Christmas Party

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mood: giggly
Our company Christmas party was last Friday (the 9th).

Backing up slightly: while in Taiwan, I had my hair partially permed. My Mother-in-Law's hairdresser, Nicole, gave me really cute curls on the bottom half of my hair when she styled it because she thought I was 16 (BWAHAHAHA!! XD). I liked it, so I got it permed the same way so I wouldn't have to mess with a curling iron. In the dry Canadian winter, curly becomes frizzy unless you specifically fix it. So, in the spirit of Not Caring™, I must look like a dead broom most days at Work.

I thought since this was my first Christmas Party at a new company, I'd make the effort to clean up a bit.

Boy, do I ever clean up well. I clean up SO well that people seriously didn't recognize me. It was the funniest thing. =)

At first, I couldn't quite understand why people were ignoring me. Someone I worked fairly closely with, took a few minutes to realize who I was. I'm in and around the same office, but if I didn't work with them much, they took even longer to recognize me, if at all.

Once it dawned on me that others might not have recognized me at all, it became funny. I felt like I actually had to say who I was and what my job was. "Yeah, I sit in the corner... right behind you. I _work_ with you." XD XD

My own boss didn't talk to me for half the night. I'm really not exaggerating. XD