March 8th, 2006


Laptop: as in, I Want to Sell The --

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Well. When Mercury is in retrograde, it really is in retrograde.

Dell is sending me a brand spanking new laptop that will be an Inspiron 600m or comparable. And I'm thinking of selling it.

I've had this thing since last July when the harddrive in my desktop died. I've been using it like a desktop replacement with a notebook cooling pad. I haven't been carrying it around with me. This has been working fine and I haven't had any problems with that.

However. Earlier this week, I lugged it with me so I could use it in the great wide wilderness with wireless access. I had the additional battery in so I could have 6 hours of use. I didn't bring the power adapters or the cooling pad because with the extra battery, it was going to be heavy enough.

About 20-30 minutes into using it, one spot off to the left of my keyboard got ridiculously hot just sitting on the table. My hand recoiled when I went back to typing after 15 minutes of conversation, partially from the heat, partially from just the surprise factor. As I was trying to use it again, the mouse pointer and my open applications started getting really sluggish and slow to respond. I closed the lid and continued talking. After it cooled down a bit, I opened it up again and it was fine.

Some of Dell's batteries for their Inspiron line were recalled a while ago for setting fire to tables and fun stuff like that, but mine wasn't in the recall list. And the source of the heat was not coming from one of the batteries either.

I called Dell a few hours ago. Why I'm home on a Work day and had time to make the call is a whole other post. I'm still employed, in fact Work made me Employee of the Month for February (THANK YOU, WORK!!)... just to head off the Conclusion Jumpings =)

It's most likely the internal cooling unit and, apparently, they haven't had very many problems like this... so why everyone I know who owns the same model that I do has to use an external cooling pad, I'm not sure. But in any case, the good news is I was smart enough to get the 3 Year CompleteCare Warranty. They are replacing the whole thing with a brand new comparable model.

The bad news is I'm supposed to hear back Monday with instructions as to where to send it or what to do. Then it will be 5-10 business days after THAT until I get the new unit. Then another day or two of dickering and configuring time to make it usable again... assuming they give me the right bits and pieces that I originally bought and not have to call them again to get the right pieces.

*sigh* This was really not a good time. At least I have a desktop I can still use, but I really wanted something to take with me.

I'm now SO SO SO wanting to sell whatever Dell is giving me and getting a VAIO.

Functionally, the Dell Inspiron 600m is great, but 5 pounds is still too heavy for me to be running around with it. When you include the primary battery and the additional battery (this thing is a monster), the power adapters, my shoulders start feeling funny from the two backpack straps even though they're very thickly padded.

The only thing is, if I sell it, I don't know what that means for the warranty... I'll have to look that up in a bit. But it _is_ a brand new unit. Maybe if I sell it to a friend or someone local that I know, I'd be willing to make the tech support calls for them if there's a problem in the next two years until the warranty is up.

Maybe not. I'm really wanting to just sell it, at whatever price I can get, as is, with no further attachments.