May 1st, 2006



weather: sunny
outside: 12.2°C
mood: ...
As I was walking to the parkade after Work this afternoon, I saw a three or four year old little boy with his mother at a nearby bus stop.

I did a double-take as I got closer and realized that the little boy looked exactly like me (pic) when I was his age. Well, I don't actually know that it was a little boy. I was constantly mistaken for a boy before I started school. =) But the resemblance was amazing and uncanny.

Weird spooky feeling — check.

Like I'm looking into a mirror — check.

Dizzying time-warp feeling — check.

Dream-like state — check.

I didn't stop to chat or anything. I've changed a lot and they probably would have thought I was a loony bin escapee or something.

Quiet, you. XD