May 25th, 2006


Kitchen Follies

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Eight years after other normal people buy their bread machines, they might break or stop working. Eight years after WE get our bread machine... ... ... we take it out of the box and start to use it for the first time.

*          *          *

Many moons ago, userinfothe Husband's grandparents moved in with his parents. When they merged household stuff, they had two sets of almost everything. Silverware was one of these things.

For the last 15-odd years, we've been using my Mother-In-Law's set of silverware. Grandma's set was in the same drawer, but it was mentally off limits for some quirky reason that I'd never understood. No one would touch them. Except me. I thought they had pretty handles and I used them whenever I felt like it.

A few weeks ago, my Mother-In-Law decided that her set was annoying because it was missing a few pieces here and there. The teaspoons were the most wanderlustful of the lot. We were down to — what — four out of a set of eight... We might be missing one or two of something else, like forks and knives too. She wanted to get rid of hers and start using Grandma's because it was complete.

The Brother-In-Law Dude didn't want to use Grandma's set. He didn't like the feel of the flowery handles. Or something.

We offered to open one of the two silverware sets that the Husband and I got for our wedding. So, we dug out the two sets and the Brother-In-Law went about test-feeling them up. He didn't like either set. But, hey, the gift receipts were still attached. He could take it back. XD

Boy, if the entire Internet knew that I'm the one who got married but my Brother-In-Law wasn't happy with my wedding gifts, wouldn't I be the laughing stock-- oh, wait... =}

So, there we were. Right back at square one. We still had the old set that's missing some pieces. We still had Grandma's flowery handle set. We still have two unopened and unused silverware sets that will be commissioned into service sometime in the future.

I just took the leap today and brought the old set to Work and let everyone use it. The kitchen at Work could use more silverware anyway. I can NEVER find a spoon when I need one to squish the air bubbles out of the top of my teabag so that it doesn't float and bob around when I'm trying to drink, dammit. XD