February 22nd, 2007


Nifty House Keys

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I got extra apartment keys cut on designer painted keys in the Canadian Flag design and small flowers on blue for the three of us. They're more expensive than regular keys, but not too bad. And we don't get keys cut often, so I thought this would be funky-cool. =)

We've signed the rental agreement, handed in our security deposit and I just got our parking contract signed today. We have our security thingies for the parkade gate which was something I wasn't expecting at all. I thought we would be in a wide open area, but apparently, after 1800h, the gate is closed. I thought The Drug Store closes later than that.

Oh well. The earlier, the better, for us. =)

Telus (phone company) is automatically switching our phone service over to the apartment sometime at noon on February 28. The house will be forwarded to someone's cell until we're completely moved in.

Shaw (cable/internet) will send someone out on March 3. They don't have our buzzer number, so they'll be calling one of us on our cells. The box/panel that they need is outside the door of one of our neighbours, so I hope that won't be too much of a problem.

We have to pack... we have to pack... We. HAVE. T0. Pack.

I think we'll just move over the stuff we want, then sell the big things we don't want, donate the smaller things that aren't worth selling and can't give away.