April 28th, 2007


UI: Hatty Usability

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Dear Company That Gives Me Web Access to My Records,

    <a href="javascript: DocViewWindow= window.open(' DocViewWait.asp?DocViewIndex=0 &Hash=74a1bf22274e4d157910f304494de904 &OpenWindowType=1', '_blank', 'scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, status=yes, width=785, height=575'); DocViewWindow.focus();">Link</a>

This is the most phenomenally bad idea.

This is how I'm supposed to get a pre-generated, archived PDF. The first time I log in, I have about 30+ of these PDFs to download for my own records.

Serving them to me this way means that I have to left-click on each hyperlink individually, wait for the PDF to open in Acrobat, then click the Save button. Because they are Javascript links, I'm forced to left-click. I cannot right-click, Save Target As. That also means I cannot go middle-click, middle-click, middle-click, middle-click, down the list and let each of them load while I read or do something else.

Because that wasn't annoying enough, all the files are named "DocView.pdf" by default. So, I have to manually change the file name myself if I want to save them to the same folder.

If there were dynamic content generated on the fly in these PDFs, I can maybe understand. But these are pre-generated, pre-archived, static content PDF files. There's no reason why you can't just give me a link to a uniquely named PDF file so I have the choice of either viewing it online or just right-click, SaveAs, ENTER.

Either HIRE some Quality Assurance Analysts, or START LISTENING TO THEM when they tell you that the usability is shitty and do something about it.

This is exactly the kind of thing that customers don't complain about, but causes them to just stop doing business with you.

-- Me