May 15th, 2007


Double Door Duty

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My shoulders and thighs are killing me from being on Door Duty this weekend.

Oh my GWAD, there are 47 doors in this house (including closet doors). And all of them have two sides. The Husband Guys says, "Aren't you glad we don't have CUBE doors?". That would have been even more evil...

They're regular wooden panel doors with a white finish, so there are some rectangular patterns carved into it. Some are French doors, so they have glass panelling. We cleaned all the doors in pairs. One person scrubbed it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to loosen the dirt and crud. The second person mops up the wet gunk with a sponge.

Christ, I didn't know doors could get that disgusting. For something that just kinda hangs there, mostly doing nothing, maybe swings back and forth being opened and closed, they get really gross.

But, it will be on the market soon. Woohoo! =D


May Random Amusements

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mood: cheerful
  • AHAHAHAHA!! XD Nestea Chai milk tea mix. I tried one today and it tastes exactly like tomato beef noodles!!! =D =D It's all the star anise in it. That was way too funny. I also ruined a Cow-Orker Girl's morning cuppa. She didn't think of it until I said it. XD

  • We sometimes pronounce ISO-4217 currency codes as words. CAD and ZAR are easy. AUD could be something like "Audi". The € is EUR and every time I see it, in my head, I pronounce it like someone throwing up. =) *EEEEEUUUUUUUURRRRR*

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