May 21st, 2007


Of House and Hair

weather: mainly clear
outside: 11.8°C
mood: exhausted
The house has been on the market less than a week and it already abounds with drama. Yowza. =\

I hadn't had a haircut since... November 2004. It was down to my waist again. I went to Mentor hair salon. This is where my Mother-in-Law goes to get her hair done whether she's in Taiwan or here. I opted to just tag along with her.

I don't really have anyone who is "My" hairdresser. I find it practically impossible to stick with one. I don't give my hairstyle a whole lot of any priority... okay, I don't give it any priority at all. And, well, I suppose good hairdressers would be put off by someone who doesn't care about the very thing that is their livelihood. But in order for me to stay with the same hairdresser, they'd have to understand that and not give me lip about it. They also have to have a strong enough clientele base that they can still be there when I come back in 3-5 years.

So, I'm now back to my usual slight variance on the J. K. Rowling cut again. Well, something between that and this Eva Longoria cut.

Overall, it's a little longer than shoulder-length, but shorter than mid-back. It's hilarious that I never specifically ask for a "J. K. Rowling" but it always comes out that way. I only say I want something young, stylish, light, with layers if you like, but still refined and mature-looking.

This time, the person doing my hair really really thinned out, much more so than I've ever had it before. I quite like it. What's interesting is it's cut to all random lengths on the inside, but bizarrely enough, it looks layered but smooth and still has a considerable amount of poof and bobble.

Oh dear lord. Half my head was on the floor. While I was still in the chair getting touched up, another girl came over and started sweeping up. When it was all pushed together, the mound of hair had about the volume of a basketball. =D

And she had only done the left side of my chair.

It's so so so light. I knew that my hair was heavy because I have such a monstrous amount of hair. But still. The difference is incredible. I have never had a ponytail that tiny before! I've always had a killer boat rope, so this is a first. =D