May 27th, 2007



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What are your favorite kinds of flowers?
— from Five on Friday.

I generally don't like flowers. Usual bouquet flowers are nice to look at, but not my cuppa. I like interesting flowers. =)

  • Strelitzia Reginae (Bird of Paradise flower). I saw these in Capetown, South Africa, when we went to Vivian and Stephen's wedding and met the M's for the first time =)

  • Antirrhinum Majus (Snapdragons). It's cool that you can squeeze and let go of the body of the flower to make the petals open and close like the jaw of a dragon.

    But what's even cooler than the snapdragons themselves, is their SEED PODS. =) They look like little skulls of the tortured souls of Jonathan Swift's Lilliputians who had dealt nothing but evil through ignorance in their corporeal lives. Creepy and nifty at the same time. =D

  • Not "flowers" per se, but I like Dionaea Muscipula (Venus Flytrap) and Mimosa Pudica (Sensitive Plant). Because it says that plants do have a nervous system of some sort. They are living organisms, capable of movement and reaction just like animals.

  • Other than that, probably the most "normal" flower I like is the Rhododendron (Azaleas). I love all types and all colours.