June 10th, 2007


Sid: Head Scritches

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When userinfoSid came to us three years ago, I wouldn't have thought this was possible. I wouldn't have thought that he'd ever trust me enough to let me touch his head. And yet:
  • Short Clip (0:13) - this one was shot in his cage which is darker in the evenings because there isn't a ceiling light in that part of the apartment.
  • Long Clip (2:41) - this one was shot in the dining area where I've parked my workspace.
The edge of his collar has soft fuzzy tape on it because the Night Owl folks think it's been irritating him when he opens his wings to stretch.

I was thrilled when he came clambering out to his cage door when I called to him. I was thrilled when he tried to call me back as I started to walk away from him. Then I was thrilled when walked up onto my lap of his own accord.

I was floored when he navigated his way from the breakfast area, past the kitchen all the way to the dining room, just to find me.

And sometimes, when he's in a particularly good mood or if he's more scared of something else than our hands, he'll walk up onto our hands willingly without biting.

He's come such a long way.