September 4th, 2007

Null Pointer

Random Childhood Memory: Fortune Cookies

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Dumpsters Filled With Fortune Cookies

Well, what exactly did you _think_ happened to snacks that don't pass quality control off the assembly line? =)

When I was a little girl, we used to have a family friend who ran a fortune cookie bakery. I don't know how big of an operation it was, I'd never seen it.

But they always gave us bags and bags and bags full of "imperfect" cookies. Some of them had opened during baking or drying, some of them were just cookie circles. Some of them were cracked and broken. Some of them were baked too long and were too tough/crisp. Some of them were folded up wrong or folded up with no fortune in them.

It was a humongous waste, but they could not be sold. And unlike chocolate, you can't melt the "bad" ones back into a pot and make more.

For at least a few months, we had a never-ending supply of warped and broken fortune cookies. I loved them and I didn't care about the fortune. At 7, I also didn't really care that fortune cookies aren't Chinese. So it was perfect for me. =)

But either the lack of nutritional value was off-putting to my parents or they stopped running the fortune cookie bakery because we stopped getting them after a while.

I'm thinking you'd be hard pressed to find someone to buy perfect fortune cookies to begin with. They probably can't find anyone to take the imperfect ones.