December 11th, 2007


The Autumn of His Life

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I somehow think userinfoSid will be wearing the collar for the rest of his life.

Because of the collar, he can't clean himself as well and has dingle-berries. =P I've been grabbing him for a quick rinse every once in a while. The collar has made it easier because it protects my hand from his bites. He doesn't like being grabbed at first, but it has to be done. After the rinse, I have him wrapped in a towel, in my hand.

He struggles for a while and then calms down. I've actually been able to pet him and scritch his head. I help loosen and groom off his new pinfeathers on top of his head, on his back, which he has not been able to do. He's all relaxed in my hands and his eyes are half closed.

I swear, tonight, he fell asleep while I was stroking the back of his neck.

I really don't know how much longer he'll live. Dr. MacDonald said he was older than she originally thought because the open skin under his wings were healing very slowly. I think they're closed up now. I had a peek tonight and they looked good to me.

He's still very perky and playful. He still loves rice, small veggies and whatever small bits of our dinner that we give him in a little soy sauce dish that's propped up on a little white plastic tripod from a Pizza Hut pizza. He chirps, chatters, warbles and makes all his regular sounds. He gets suitably offended at being ignored and squawks. He can still throw a tantrum at not being able to pick under his wing because of the collar. =)

But they're a prey species. They won't show illness or any kind of weakness until it's just about too late.

I saw a beautiful little hollow glass vessel pendant by a local merchant. The one she had on display was amber coloured glass with purple flowers and green vines. She took custom orders, so I asked her for one in Sid's colours:

  • smokey transparent grey glass
  • yellow flowers with orange centres
  • white vines
  • silver wire chain loops
  • cultured pearl stopper
  • size: 25mm x 35mm

She made two of them and I loved them both. I bought both of them. They are about the size of my thumb.

I was going to use one of them for userinfoSid's ashes. Most likely the one on the right. They have sterling silver wire on the neck twisted into two side loops. I can string a 16" or 18" chain on them and wear it as a necklace.

The pet cremation services place that I asked said that it would be just the right size.

I wanted to be prepared, I didn't want to be stuck with something mediocre because Sid has meant so much to me. But I sort of wonder if I'm depriving myself of the ritual of doing it when I need to.