August 6th, 2010



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Well, we won.

If you can call it "winning" when none of the other cars actually matter.

The driver is alive and recovering. As expected, he has minor complications, is still not awake and is being monitored very carefully. But he is technically alive.

The car is not quite in one piece.

The spoiler and one of the side mirrors fell off. Some of the paint is smudged because it didn't dry properly. The breast cancer ribbon is still on the antenna, though it's not in the best shape and may need to be replaced.

Also, it turns out that the transmission was actually not working. We're not entirely sure when that happened or how it broke. But it was found broken.

So, we have to get everything sorted out ASAP for the Press Conference and Exhibition Race.

And I think we're just going to shoot anyone who starts talking about the next major race altogether.