July 16th, 2011


In Loving Memory

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userinfoSid died last night.

Friday morning, userinfothe Husband Guy found him sleeping at the bottom of his cage, which is a bit unusual for him. He's usually on his highest platform in the corner. And his feathers were fluffed out instead of flat against his body.

By the afternoon, Mom was asked to bring him into Night Owl Bird Hospital. As soon as Dr. MacDonald saw him, she pretty well knew. At 0100h Saturday morning, we got a call that he had collapsed.

Dr. MacDonald will be doing an autopsy to try to determine the reason for death, but she thinks he was just too old and weak to handle another bout of kidney, lung, liver, heart or whatever other health issue it is this time around.

I didn't know I could be so crushed.

?? - July 16, 2011