The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Picture Frame

Oh yeah, we took our humongoid 24x30 incher over to Uncle Jimmy's studio so he can frame it for our wedding day. This is the monster pic we got as a gift from the photography place in Taiwan - not quite sure how we managed to swing that one; no one else gets that for free. Problem is, they put a clear protective coating on it, so there are these crinkles all over the picture now because we left it rolled up for so long. We have the negative, but to do another print that size and getting them to soften the print exactly the way it is now will cost us upwards of $300.

We can't afford that for a stinky picture.

We're probably going to get someone to bring the negative back to Taiwan, have W's Aunt-3 bite their heads off for "the ugly crinkles all over The Bride's face" and get a free reprint with no protective coating, get someone else to bring it back.

See, what they don't realize is that the ugly crinkles were probably originally on my face to begin with. =)


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