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And so begins the quest to buy Guai-Guai a wife.

MIL Woman has been looking on and off for a little while, but can't find a female Lutino/Fancy cockatiel for a good price. We went to two Petcetera's and one Pet Habitat today, but they either had no cockatiels left at all or all the ones left were the grey and mixed kind. I was teasing that "he's such a loser that we can't even BUY him a wife" =D =D =D Husband Guy always pretends to be irked when I poke fun at Guai-Guai =)

Anyway, if we get a female cockatiel, I think I'm going to suggest calling her "鵑鵑". as in 杜鵑 meaning "Azalea" (pic on the left).

Pronunciation-wise: PinYin - "juan1juan1"; Anglo - "jyen jyen", kinda like "jen jen" the diminuitive of "Jennifer". I just don't want anyone pronouncing it "wahn" as in the Spanish "Juan". =P

The interesting thing is that the character '', even though it's the name of a flower, has '' (bird) as a harmonic. So, it's very apropos. =)

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