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Okay, rather than clutter up this journal with garbled characters or just a bunch of squares for the Friends who don't have Chinese support, I made a Chinese Only journal for myself.

It's apple_jade.

I'm writing in Traditional characters only. I'm beginning to accept that Simplified characters is part of the evolution of the written language... but I'm not quite there yet. =) Simplified characters just don't look as nice, to me. I'm just bitter because my surname ended up being ugly in Simplified =)

I'm looking for feedback on my grammar and terminology/phraseology. I want someone to pick everything apart and tell me how I should be writing. I write the way I speak (which supposedly you can do in Mandarin), but it looks very wrong sometimes and I don't know how I'm supposed to put it.

I was thinking about using Chinese only for the comments as well, but I'm not going to be picky.

I really want practice reading and proofreading other peoples' Chinese too. In highschool, one of my English teachers would make us proofread each other's essays. I thought that was a great idea because you get to see other peoples' mistakes and learn from each other. I'd encourage everyone to start writing Chinese and Friend my apple_jade journal (*COUGH* astral *COUGH* idko *COUGH* katie_ah). =)

The only thing in there right now is my intro. I'm still doing what I can with the LJ styling... and I have to get creative with a Free Account =) It will take a little tinkering to get the English text down to a sane size while the Chinese is at a sane size as well.

Overall, I'm just happy that I'm taking steps to improve something that has been an embarassment to me for a long time. =)

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