The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Wedding Panic

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No, not mine =)

Last night at around 2200h, Husband Guy and I were installing RedHat 7.3. Because Heretic (my Linux box) shares a monitor/keyboard/mouse with Demonic (my machine), I wanted to leave the switchbox on Heretic because I didn't want the installation to think that the peripherals had suddenly disappeared.

Husband Guy got an ICQ message from his Best Man, C. C is also the Best Man for T (another buddy of ours). C asked to talk to me. It turns out that T's Cantonese speaking MC bailed on him and they were panicking bricks. The wedding is this coming Saturday.

So, gee, I wonder where they can find a Cantonese speaking person who owes T a Really Big One® for making him do Cantonese MC-ing at her wedding? Gosh, I dunno... =D

Yes, it's yours truly to the rescue. =) Granted, we asked T a month or two in advance, but hey... =) I should be getting a fax today with T's family members' names and relations to him so that I can prepare.

I'm nervous. I don't do much public speaking, regardless of the language. I should be okay with the Family Introductions, I'll have it in front of me, but the spontaneous things will be harder. I shoulda done Toastmasters when I had the chance =P

I think it should be okay. The other buddy, J, who is doing the English side of it, has done MC-ing before (I think) or he says he can handle it.


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