The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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T's Wedding

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T's wedding went really well this morning. No really big boo-boos. There was a small thing though... M's sister was her MOH and one of the family's older kids pushed the MOH's 9 month old down the aisle in a huge decorated stroller. Some of the tulle that was hanging out kept getting caught in the wheels. But once they tucked it all in, it was fine =)

So, the ceremony ended just before 12 noon. We went outside for pictures and milling and meandering. We bumbled home for some fooding. We have to be at the restaurant at 1600h to do final preparations, for them to explain to me what games they're playing so that I can figure out how to explain it all in Cantonese.

I've whined about Cantonese before. You can't write what you say in Cantonese. So, there's no "reading off a piece of paper", really. You can write it all down, but you wouldn't say it exactly the way you wrote it. *sigh* So, I'm practicing as much as I can.

I also have to practice the voice thing my Dad taught me. When you have to speak loudly for prolonged periods, you can ruin your voice by vocalizing from your throat. I noticed that my throat started getting really tight after a sentence or two and I'd have to stop and breathe before I could go on. You're supposed to vocalize from as high up your face as possible. People who are really good at this actually vocalize from their foreheads. I'm just happy to be able to keep talking =P

It's just scary to be told that you're "saving the wedding day" and you know that there's only one shot at saying everything right because it's all on video if you screw up.

Off to practice... =P


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