The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House


I just mailed off the first of the invitations today. $1.30ea to the US and $1.60ea overseas. Canada Post increased their prices again. It's $1.05 overseas, $0.60 US, $0.47 domestic for regular letters and postcards.

My Dad has already printed out most of the family ones on both sides. There are one or two stragglers. We were late getting Phil's Dad Chinese name and there are still a few people we don't have the full Chinese names for - like Kevin's Dad, we only ever call him Dr. Yuan, we have no idea what his name actually is.

Some of them will be brought back to Taiwan for some of their family. Most will be sent. We'll be handing out the ones that are in town. We can't afford to spend $200+ on mass mailings. Those invitations are larger and heavier than regular letters, so the postage on them will be at least $1.00 each.

W's family's invitations aren't going to include the Bridal Cookie Gift Certificates. There aren't any Maxim's Bakeries in Taiwan and they wouldn't know what to do with it. It's only a Southern Chinese custom. Furthermore, it's only the Bride's family that gives them out to their guests as a "I'm marrying off my daughter" thing. But, living in the West makes people forget stuff like this, so through the ages, North American Chinese have given them out to guests on both sides.


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