The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Vanilla Coke

weather: sunny
outside: 23°C
mood: ehh...

I tried a sip of Vanilla Coke today. *ehh*... It doesn't do anything for me.

It doesn't taste like a Coke float w/ vanilla ice cream to me (like juky described). It tastes more like the Coke bottle gummy candies to me. I saw it in a drink refrigerator case at Green City, the little deli/café on the ground floor of the building where Husband Guy works. He decided to get it to try, so I stole some =)

The only flavoured Coke that I found tolerable was a Chocolate Coke. But I've never been able to find it since. I don't remember if it was actually made by the Coca-Cola company or if it was just one of those no-name brands.


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